professional software

"QBit web app developers will transform your great ideas into workable software solutions. With top-talent web application development skills on board, our company will craft compelling web apps and jump-start your business."

Graphic Design

web & print

We are the masters of creativity, and we’ll craft the perfect graphic, digital, or print design to help you shine.

Web marketing

social networks & online marketing

"Increase your page views, Facebook page likes, Twitter or Instagram followers. Make your potential client became aware of you and keep good brand image. We evaluate your services or product to create most efficient web marketing plan."

Brand support

market research analysis tools

"We can help you to better understand your customer, get insight of customer perceptions, staff responsiveness, service promptness, and understanding of the customer's problem."

Radio systems

radio automation systems

"With long-term R&D involvement for radio stations we developed systems for broadcast, marketing, finance, audio editing, business analytic and market research."

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